Active Members

Sister Juana Little


Mistress of Rituals

Sister Faun D'Amen


Mistress of the Purse [Treasurer]

Sister Lady Grace Pumpernickle


Sister Gaia T of the Revolting Earth

aka Brother TransMission of the Joyfully Shifting Parts

Mistress of Scriptures [Secretary]

Sister Mary Magnalaid Me

Abbess [President]

Novice Father Harry Bush

Novice Guard Momma Wolfitdown

Novice Sister Panty Mime

Novice Sister Man Romeo

Postulant Tammy Fey'Kinnet

Postulant Roman Holiday Hookup

Aspirant Brisket Verklempt

Emeritus / Inactive / Transferred Members

Sister Emeritus B'ouncee Bounce [Founder]

Sister Emeritus Sinful Sin [Founder]

Sister DomAdora D'Fairyboys (Inactive) [Founder]

Sister Lupita Phat He Ta Buffet (Transferred to SF/LA) [Founder]

Sister Emeritus Felata Immaculata [Founder]

Sister Desi Groan (Transferred to SF/LA) [Founder]

Sister Emeritus Amanda Huginkiss [Founder]

Novice Sister Bo D. Fatwa (Retired)

Novice Sister Nida Salivation (Retired)

Sister Nova Aggra (Transferred to SF)

Sister Holly Heretic [fka Nova C] (Transferred to NY)

Sister Grinnan Bearette (Transferred to PDX)

Sister Emeritus Kumpassion

Sister Emeritus Muse Protection

Guard Emeritus Red Wood Daddy

Guard Gummy Bear (Inactive)

Novice Sister Nacho Daddy (Retired)

Nuns of the Above

Father Oh Mary! - Transcended the Veil in 2014

Sister Saturnalia - Transcended the Veil in 2018

Sister Lucky Pierre (Transferred to Seattle) - Transcended the Veil in 2022