Active Members

Sister Juana Little


Mistress of Rituals

Sister Faun D'Amen


Mistress of the Purse [Treasurer]

Sister Lady Grace Pumpernickle


Sister Gaia T of the Revolting Earth

aka Brother TransMission of the Joyfully Shifting Parts

Mistress of Scriptures [Secretary]

Sister Mary Magnalaid Me

Abbess [President]

Guard Gummy Bear

Captain of the Guard

Novice Guard 22

Novice Sister Roman Holiday Hookup

Aspirant Brisket Verklempt

Aspirant Papa K

Aspirant Ravyn

Emeritus / Inactive / Transferred Members

Sister Emeritus B'ouncee Bounce [Founder]

Sister Emeritus Sinful Sin [Founder]

Sister Emeritus DomAdora D'Fairyboys [Founder]

Sister Lupita Phat He Ta Buffet (Transferred to SF/LA) [Founder]

Sister Emeritus Felata Immaculata [Founder]

Sister Desi Groan (Transferred to SF/LA) [Founder]

Sister Emeritus Amanda Huginkiss [Founder]

Sister Nova Aggra (Transferred to SF)

Sister Holly Heretic [fka Nova C] (Transferred to NY)

Sister Grinnan Bearette (Transferred to PDX)

Sister Emeritus Kumpassion

Sister Emeritus Muse Protection

Guard Emeritus Red Wood Daddy

Nuns of the Above

Father Oh Mary! - Transcended the Veil in 2014

Sister Saturnalia - Transcended the Veil in 2018

Sister Lucky Pierre (Transferred to Seattle) - Transcended the Veil in 2022