Our Mission

The Eureka Sisters, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public service organization operated for charitable purposes and enlightenment of our community. We are an order of 24th century nuns with no affiliation to any organized religion, whose mission is to spread joy and goodwill through charitable acts, fundraising, and a lot of mischief with consideration of the special needs of Humboldt county.

Our Abbey is part of a world–wide network of “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”. Each Order working to improve our local communities. Our shared mission is to promote the message of “universal joy” and to “expiate stigmatic guilt”.

The Sisters have devoted ourselves to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges, and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment.

We believe all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty and we use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.

We are a tribe, committed to social activism, social service and spiritual development. The Order strives to strengthen its community through grassroots activism, by raising much-needed funds for community charities, and by bringing about a better understanding of queer spirituality.

Our message is one of acceptance (not tolerance) and liberation. We also actively promote the acceptance of all queernesses and fight against ignorance. It is our belief that these issues are important to a healthy community.

It will come of no surprise to you that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are politically conscious and are very much aware of state, federal, and international issues surrounding sex education, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, youth issues, women’s health issues. queer radicalism, peace within communities, environment and social justice, radical love, and acceptance for all disenfranchised peoples.

Our work will ever exist on many levels: making people happy, stamping out guilt brought on by judgmental society and system oppression, drag activism, helping various organizations and charities, etc. We continue to educate the public on safer sex issues, we fight for queer rights and visibility, we address women’s health issues and the needs of homeless and queer youth, we provide assistance with AIDS prevention, education and care, and we support other community organizations that share our vision. All without entanglement in any religious beliefs.


That simple direction, to bring joy where there is none and to remove the guilt that keeps you from being your beautiful unique self.

We are a 100% volunteer driven organization. Funds raised by the Eureka Sisters are use to help other charitable groups, create grants for special causes and maintain operating costs. Money raised is never used to pay for an individual’s outfits, makeup, travel, or missed work. All labor is donated. We rely on the support, donations and volunteers from our community.

Eureka Sistory Tales from your Abbey of the BIG Red Wood

In the beginning the local queer townsfolk were hidden in the great green mist that hung over Humboldt County. Then as tradition each year on the great day of “Pride”, the Great Spirit cleared the skies. Out of the mist appeared the great messengers of joy, the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. These nuns from afar came forth to bless the 2003 festival of Pride.

And the townsfolk were touched by the “calling” as well as the Sisters. They beseeched the Russian River Order to take them under their veils and to teach the ways of community outreach and activism without shame.

So it was, that Sister Nova Nilla became their mother and gave birth in the city of Eureka to the 11 founding members who came to be known as the Eureka Sisters, Inc. Abbey of the Big Red Wood.

Since then, the Eureka Sisters have gone forth to spread joy to those who have none and expiate stigmatic guilt of all through community outreach, education, and a little naughtyness.

2006 - Founding

The Abbey made their first appearance at the Humboldt State University’s “Qross Qultural Queer Film Festival” on March 21.

In September, the Sisters joined forces with Queer Humboldt for “Bingo With A Twist” an annual comedy bingo that has raised over $28,000.

Grants & Fundraisers

The Eureka Sisters have a strong commitment to supporting other local organizations that support, empower, and transform our community. In particular we work to ensure that organizations that are small, underfunded, or with emergent need have access to the resources they need.

One of the ways that we do this is through the raising and distribution of funds. Our best known mechanism for this work is our Sister Bingos, but when we have the money in the coffers we do distribute small amounts from our Grant Fund.

While Bingo is our most frequently used fundraising event, we have done several other types of events such as Drag Softball, Beer Busts, Dances, and Talent Shows. We have partnered with a wide variety of organizations in Humboldt County to present a unique, risque, and riotous panoply of events to audiences of all types, and we are always interested in trying something new.

To get a sense of the breadth of the organizations we have worked with, here’s a short list of examples:

  • Humboldt Breast Health Project

  • The Jefferson Project

  • Coastal Grove Charter School PTA

  • Humboldt Pride

  • Humboldt Wildlife Care Center

  • The RAVEN Project

  • The Humboldt Ridge Trail Project

  • The Emma Center

To apply for a Grant or Fundraiser, please email info@eurekasisters.org

Saints & Angels

The Eureka Sisters work hard to support Humboldt County in reaching a more equitable, just, and queer future! We have partnered with various organizations within our community to fundraise and organize, and we strive to highlight the amazing work that others are doing.

One of the ways that we highlight the work of others, is through bestowing Sainthood and Angeldom upon outstanding individuals within our community who ensure that the work we do is possible. To find a list of these extraordinary people visit: Saints & Angels

Saints and Angels are not members of the Abbey. They are very special people in our community who deserve recognition for their contributions to the community or the Sisters. Any Fully Professed Member may nominate a person for Sainthood or Angel status.


Any person in the community whose life and accomplishments are exemplary and in keeping with the Abbey’s philosophy and mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Saints exhibit these characteristics:

  • They contribute unselfishly to the betterment of the community

  • They foster an understanding & acceptance of the beautiful diversity in us all

  • They openly embrace the LGBTIQ community as a valued part of our society


There are those who go out of their way to help us with events, logistics, information, and services. They are our Angels. Any person in the community who has made a major contribution directly to benefit the Abbey. Their contributions may be in their volunteer time, materials, or financial donations

High Holy Powers! Blessed Saints & Angels

Saint Gentle Giant

David Horwitz

Saint Transcendental Momma

Karin Fresnel

Saint Mama Angel Face

Betty Boyde

Saint Mindi Goodlove, Doctor of Hearts

Melinda Meyers

Saint Mayor Bob

Bob Ornelas

Saint Hott Toddy

Todd Larsen

Saint Mea Just-a-Bear Ladd of the West

Justin Ladd

Saint Shelter from the Storm

John Shelter

Saint of the Shooting Stars, Babe of the Burgers

Christine Dunn

Saint Reaching Rainbow

Justin Pabalate

Angel Beauty Behind the Scenes

Lani Erhardt

Angel Karen-A-Big Smile

Karen Oeth

Angel Lily Love

Lily Leal

Booking & Events

Hungry? We serve FACE

The Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are available to provide many services for our community, should they fit within our schedule. We do ask that a form of donation to our organization is made, to ensure that we are able to continue to best serve the greater public.


  • Event Host / Mistress of Ceremony

  • Handfasting / Civil Union / Marriage / Commitment Ceremony Officiation

  • Event Attendee Donation Solicitation (Bucketing)

  • Celebration of Life / Funeral Officiation

  • Safer Sex Education and Ministry

  • HIV & AIDS Education

  • Queer Issues and History Education

  • Public or Private Ritual Facilitation & Planning

  • Individual Ministry Services

  • Fundraising Assistance and Planning

  • Other Sisterly Duties

Please send your proposal or request to the appropriate contact information listed here: info@eurekasisters.org

Volunteering & Joining

Do you have the CALLING?

Most often the Sisters are seen out having a good time, looking fabulous and enjoying ourselves. However, what is not often seen is the great deal of work that each Sister does. Similarly, we are often associated with fundraising. Although we do a lot of fundraising, that is not our mission and our work spans a lot of other areas. By presenting ourselves in a comedic and flamboyant display, we demonstrate the principals of “life without guilt” to all we touch.

Although each Sister is an individual with their own beliefs, reasonings, sexuality, gender, race, creed, and unique style, one thing remains the same: we are called to give of our time and energy to serve our community! There is room for much fun and laughter within the Sisters, and yet we take our calling very seriously. It is a lifelong commitment.

To be a Sister you need to have dedication to helping those in need, to speak out for the community and of course be FABULOUS! The Sisters work hard for the charities we support and are always being asked to participate in events throughout Humboldt County.

In addition to fundraising, the work of a Sister also includes ministry, education and entertainment. We organize, plan and throw events, some of which are very large and complex. We also have some very intense one-on-one sessions with the people we meet while out. Ours is a “ministry of presence”. The Sisters frequently act as educators, lecturing to classrooms of students and informing the cute boy at the bar about the risks of unsafe sex. And if you’ve ever been to one of our bingo games or any other event that is hosted by the Sisters, you have seen us in our role as MC and hostess. Being a Sister requires a lot of different skills and an investment in time, energy and money.

In evaluating a potential new member, we look at a number of things. We look for drive, passion and commitment; a desire to perform community service; the ability to handle many tasks with grace; honesty and a genuine character; good people skills and the ability to interact with others in a meaningful way. We all work towards our common goals and often can make miracles happen. A new member must be able to mesh with the Abbey and should add to the group dynamic, not detract from it.

Being a Sister can be one of the most challenging and demanding things you can ever do but it also offers some rich and enlightening rewards.

Steps to Becoming a Sister…

Come to Events:

If you are interested in joining the Abbey, we recommend that you attend our events, observe Sisters in action and engage them in conversation. Reading about being a Sister on a website pales in comparison to watching a Sister at work or hearing their individual stories. Getting a better idea of who we are and what we do will help you to decide if this is the path for you. And getting to know the Sisters can serve you well as you move through the process.

Become a Volunteer:

If you still believe that being a Sister is the path for you, contact our Mistress of Volunteers. Becoming a volunteer is the best way to start to get to know our tribe and will help you become familiar with the work we do.

Come to our Meetings:

Your path towards Sisterhood starts with a conversation with the Mistress of Novices. During this conversation, the Novice Mistress will assess your motivations for approaching the Abbey and try to determine if you will be a good fit. If she believes that you have potential, you will be asked to submit a letter of interest. At that time you can declare your Aspirancy. If she feels that you are not a good fit for the Abbey, do not be discouraged; the desire to do community service is an admirable one and the Abbey offers a lot of opportunities to do so