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Our Mission

The Eureka Sisters, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public service organization operated for charitable purposes and enlightenment of our community.  We are an order of 21st century nuns with no affiliation to any organized religion, whose mission is to spread joy and goodwill through charitable acts, fundraising, and a lot of mischief with consideration of the special needs of Humboldt county.

Our Abbey is part of a world wide network of "The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence". Each Order working to improve our local communities. Our shared mission is to promote the message of "universal joy" and to "expiate stigmatic guilt".

The Sisters have devoted ourselves to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges, and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment.

We belive all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty and we use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.

We are a family, committed to social activism, social service and spiritual development. The Order strives to strengthen its community through drag activism, by raising much-needed funds for community charities, and by bringing about a better understanding of gay spirituality.

Our message is one of acceptance (not tolerance). We also actively promote the acceptance of homosexuality and fight against ignorance. It is our belief that these two issues; acceptance and awareness are so important to a healthy community.

It will come of no surprise to you that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are politically conscious and are very much aware of state, federal, and international issues surounding sex education, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, youth issues, and women's health issues. gay radicalism, peace within communities, tolerance, and acceptance.

Our common vows are:

To promote universal joy
to expiate stigmatic guilt.

Our shared ministry:

Is one of public manifestation
habitual perpetration.

Our work will ever exist on many levels: making people happy, stamping out guilt brought on by judgmental society, drag activism, helping various organizations and charities, etc. We continue to educate the public on safer sex issues, we fight for queer rights and visibility, we address women's health issues and the needs of homeless and queer youth, we provide assistance withAIDS prevention, education, and care and we support other community organizations that share our vision all without entanglement in any religious beliefs.


That simple direction, to bring joy where there is none and to remove the guilt that keeps you from being your beautiful unique self.

We are a 100% volunteer driven organization. Funds raised by the Eureka Sisters are use to help other charitable groups, create grants for special causes and maintain operating costs. Money raised is never used to pay for an individual's outfits, makeup, travel, or missed work. All labor is donated. We rely on the support, donations and volunteers from our community.

To learn about volunteering with the Eureka Sisters, click here.



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